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Peloponnese is a large Greek peninsula – which has actually been an island since 1893, when the Corinthian canal was excavated, separating the peninsula from the mainland. Also known as the island of Pelops, it is a beautiful place, full of paradoxes. On the one side, the turquoise coast, the charming bays, the breath-taking beaches… and on the other side, rocky cliffs, high mountain ranges, secret caves and tiny enchanting harbours. The plains are covered by vineyards, the valleys filled with olive groves, and lemon and orange orchards. Herbs and flowers grow in the forest covered mountains… Peloponnese is a land full of countless myths, amazing ancient monuments and Ancient Greek ruins – the Mycenaean Acropolis, ancient Olympia, the ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, ancient Corinth, towered over by Acrocorinth, Mystras, Sparta, Castle Monemvasia – just to name a few…

If you would like see the mythical land of Peloponnese and get to know its secrets, reserve an expedition to this island and come to Greece to experience a unique antique adventure with a licenced English-speaking guide.